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          Welcome to: Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd!  Hotline:400-8269-696

          Research technology
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                   Ningbo Ligong Online Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd is the focus of the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprises, specializing in high-voltage power equipment on-line monitoring technology research, monitoring equipment production, sales and technical services. The company has a post-doctoral research base, and has a domestic power high-voltage equipment online monitoring industry only through the provincial-level engineering and technology center. With the core product transformer online monitoring system, in the power high-voltage equipment online monitoring industry established a competitive advantage, and in the power system has made a high reputation.

                   As the earliest in the domestic high-voltage equipment on-line monitoring technology research and product development enterprises, the company always adhere to independent innovation technology development strategy, focusing on high-voltage power equipment online monitoring technology research, relying on post-doctoral research base and engineering technology center, the development of independent innovation On-line monitoring products. 

                   Since its inception, the company's research and development direction to transformer online monitoring technology as a breakthrough, continue to power high-voltage equipment on-line monitoring of other areas of extension. The future direction of the company's research and development is a single transformer online monitoring to the power of high-voltage equipment integrated monitoring and development; that is, on-line monitoring technology based on the transformer, first to overcome the GIS and cable substation other high-voltage equipment on-line monitoring technology, High-voltage equipment on-line monitoring to expand the field, and ultimately to achieve a comprehensive comprehensive monitoring of high-voltage equipment.
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